Hi there, click here if you’re looking for my paintings, about which Jerry Saltz recently wrote in New York Magazine, “and, most intriguing, a wall of Greek ceramic-painting style meets Japanese anime meets something two-dimensional and monstrous by Giovanni Garcia-Fenech, whose work I hadn’t seen but now yen to see more of, soon,” and of which Modern Painters said, “There are also hints of Matisse, as well as Greco-Roman figuration, in Giovanni Garcia-Fenech’s rich, evocative self-portraits—highlights of the show.”

profileOr perhaps you’re looking for my blog, which StevenP described as, “What a pathetic blog, reflective of its author. Seriously. Please, never cross my path in RL.”

Want more? You can find me ranting about art on Twitter (@giovannigf), or you can see my most recent paintings fresh from the studio on Instagram (@giovannigfnyc).

If you feel helplessly compelled, you may contact me at
giovanni at unutterable dot org.