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Not quite white

I was making my way back to work after lunch with a friend at La Loteria, one of the few Mexican restaurants I like in Manhattan.

I don’t like to walk around in Greenwich Village because I always get lost, but I do it because, as anyone will tell you, it’s rare to find good Mexican food in New York. I also like that place because most of the people working there seem to be Hispanic. I’m sorry to be so judgey, but I hate Mexican restaurants that only employ white waitstaff.

I hadn’t really noticed the two young African American men waiting for the light to change–one on a bike, the other one standing–until I heard the one on the bike say “I don’t know, man, ask a white person” as he sped off.

I thought it was funny until the other one dutifully turned around and asked, “Do you know which way is Broadway?”

Of course I didn’t know! Couldn’t he see I’m Mexican?


  1. Walter

    What restaurant of any sort has white kitchen staff?

  2. Anonymous

    Maybe, it’s time for you to visit some Mexican restaurants in the Bronx? La Morada is great.

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